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Welcome our new Priest, Father Bassam M. Saade, D. Min.

Fr Bassam2Father Bassam M. Saade was born in Lebanon in 1958, he joined the seminary in August 1988, he was ordained on October 17, 1992. Every summer he spent time in different Maronite parishes around the country including Miami, Florida; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Flint, Michigan; Uniontown, Pennsylvania; and Washington, DC. In August 1993 he was assigned to Utica, New York, to take care of a parish in an area where there were many parishes closing. “You make it or you break it,” he was told by the Bishop. Abouna Bassam went to work and spent 16 years recruiting individuals for the church’s ministry programs and getting to know the community, now it is one of the leading parishes in the Eparchy.

He did his doctorate degree at the Catholic University on revitalizing a parish, and bringing it to life. In June of 2019 he was assigned to St Jude Maronite church in Orlando where he sent 9 years successfully working with the community to revitalize the Church and the Parish. Among the many moments that stand out to Abouna Bassam is celebrating Mass with Pope St. John Paul II in his private chapel right after his ordination to the priesthood in 1992.

We are fortunate to have Abouna Bassam as our new priest at St Maron church in Jacksonville, and are certain than under his ministry, guidance, and leadership our mission/parish will continue to flourish and prosper with the grace of God.


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