Church News & Events

Mass:  Tuesday until Friday 10:00AM,   Sunday at 11:00AM.

Starting the 1st Sunday of October 2019 Mass will be celebrated at 11:00AM

Rosary: Please join us in praying The Rosary wherever you are during the month of May.

Choir Practice: A choir practice will take place every Wednesday at 6:00 PM. All are welcome to join the choir.

Religious Education: Click to read Father’s Raymond’s letter, Registration Form 2022 – 2023

Church Directory: We are continuing to update the church directory. Every family is encouraged to fill out the form located at the entrance of the church, where you can update your address, Phone Number, emails…

Church Website and Facebook page: You may find this information on Facebook page at: St.Maronjax, and more materials and forms on our church’s website,